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VLSA Global Services success in satisfying its customer’s stems from its commitment to a consistent methodology, effective project management techniques, proven automated tools, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals. We follow rigorous quality management techniques, which along with our mature development processes ensure that a high quality is delivered in every phase of our software development and maintenance cycles. We have predefined processes for software development life cycle, quality assurance and documentation.


VLSA Global Services offers hands-on Web Designing training to companies such as Dragon Fly Data Factory, Versatile Software Solutions, Innovate IT etc… to gain competitive advantage in the field .We train their team with complete industry knowledge, create dedicated environment that they find it to be favorable to learn and perform hands-on practices.
We, in collaboration with other training academics with the focus to advance competitiveness by applying right knowledge, offer several training classes revolving Web technologies,who have taken their position in the industry with huge recognition and career growth.
In the contemporary world corporate training has become indispensable. Corporate Training is treated as a mandatory agenda for any corporate thereby , it is no more confined to large business houses nor is it treated as a mere dose of motivation and change. In present times, corporate training is seen as an essential catalyst that not only enables the corporate to understand the psychology of their employees but also brings about changes in their behavior and attitude.
Corporate Training is all about effectively honing skills of the employees and help them nurture it. That is where we, VLSA Global Services come into play. One of the most important aspects of corporate training is soft skill training , which has caught up with in the last 5 years. It costs 5 times more for any organization to get a new customer. Organizations today realize this and are eying for customer retention. Soft Skills training helps employees to make a formidable relationship with the clients thereby retaining them for a long time. The importance of Soft Skills Training is also perceived through a widely known fact that a dis-satisfied customer carries a bad word of mouth. Therefore, soft skill training has become obligatory for Corporate Training, which no organization can equivocate.



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